Scientific council

Since 2004 in SE Naukanaftogaz Scientific Council operates, which includes leading scientists and specialists of the Institute and industry. During 2004-2015 years more than 40 meetings held, which dealt with the task of scientific support operation of oil and gas country, priority areas of research in the petroleum industry, the issue of prospective and current activities of the Institute.

The main tasks of the Scientific Council are:

  • coordination of research on development, implementation and monitoring of a coordinated and focused scientific, technological and innovative policy of the Institute;
  • formation of evidence-based proposals for the solution of problems of oil and gas industry in the context of geology, geophysics, mining hydrocarbons and their arrangement etc.
  • discussion of scientific reports, important results of the studies, reports of scientists and graduate students.

The Scientific Council is working in accordance with the Annual Work plan of the Scientific Council.

The following sections of the Scientific Council are working:

  • Section on Petroleum Geology and Geophysics;
  • Section on Mining and Oil and Gas Drilling;
  • Section on Regulatory Support, Technical Regulation and Standardization.