For training of scientific personnels of higher qualification in SE «Naukanaftogaz», according to the order of Department of education and science of Ukraine from 01 November 2004 year №834, constantly operating postgraduate study is opened in industry of engineerings sciences on speciality 05.15.06 «Development of oil and gas deposits» and geological sciences in speciality 04.00.17 «Geology of oil and gas» (at a distance or without discontinuing work).
Admission to graduate school operates annually during the period from August 1 to September 1.Entrants to postgraduate study give such documents:

  1. statement addressed to the Director of SE «Naukanaftogaz»;
  2. the personal data sheet is from the the HR with photo ( 2 photos of 4x6), certified in the workplace;
  3. list of the published scientific labours and inventions or scientific report (abstract);
  4. medical health certificate form “N 286-y”;
  5. copy of the certificate of graduation (Specialist, master);
  6. certificate of candidate examinations (if available).

Passport and graduate degree should be given by an entrant personally.
((08132 Kyiv reg, Vysneve. Kyevo-Sviatishynskyi dist., Kyivska str.8 tel.: (044) 391-74-17) For questions concerning entry contact head of the postgraduate study sector- Bartoshevska Iryna (room 512, tel. 391-74-18)