Scientific activity of SE «Naukanaftogaz» is concentrated in the sphere of geology, geophysics, exploration and development of the oil-and-gas (O&G) fields, transportation of O&G, underground gas storage, and economic investigations in O&G complex and scientific and technical accompaniment of service and engineering works.

Strategic planning:

  • Strategies, conceptions of development of O&G complex;
  • Short- and long-term state and branch programs of development of O&G complex;
  • Complex principal research programs of regional and exploration works on O&G;
  • Preparation of innovative investment portfolio of hydrocarbon resources development.


  • Exploration and supplementary exploration projects of O&G fields;
  • Geology-economic reserves estimation;
  • Investment projects with risk assessment;
  • Assessment of hydrocarbon recovery coefficients;
  • Drafting of technological documents on O&G field development;
  • Geology-production evaluation of field development;
  • Projects drafting on construction and exploitation of underground storage facilities;
  • Coordination of projects with supervisory bodies;
  • Projects supervision;
  • Well designing.


  • Geological study, prospects of O&G bearing regions and allocation of new O&G complexes;
  • Complex investigations (lithological, stratigraphical, geochemical etc.) with the purpose of structure specification and new zones exploration;
  • Investigation of conditions of generation and dilatation of different types of hydrocarbon traps with the purpose of new fields discovering;
  • Evaluation of payable O&G bearing and assessment of formation characteristics of productive horizons.


  • Processing and complex interpretation of seismic, geological and distance methods data;
  • Development, support and accompaniment of geology-geophysical DB (database) of O&G bearing regions and fields;
  • Geological and geophysical modelling of O&G bearing regions and fields;
  • Development of geophysical investigation methods on assessment of prospects of new unconventional O&G bearing objects and their prognostication;
  • Development and installation of the special programs on realization of laboratory analytical investigations concerning questions of O&G geophysics;
  • Determination of required complex of geophysical investigations for specification of petrophysical data of the existing and new O&G bearing zones and dilatation of different types of hydrocarbon traps;
  • Expert evaluation of geophysical part of investment projects;
  • Analysis of industrial O&G bearing and assessment of productive formation characteristics.

Field development:

  • Development, support and accompaniment of geological-production DB on the basis of field development monitoring system;
  • Numerical hydrodynamic modelling of oil, gas, oil-gas-condensate and coalbed methane fields;
  • Numerical hydrodynamic modelling of underground gas storages;
  • Development of technological decisions on realization of high-efficiency O&G fields development systems;
  • On-line control on design implementation;
  • Optimization of design decisions on O&G fields development;
  • Development and testing of new field development technologies and EOR methods;
  • Elaboration of engineering-documentation of O&G fields development.


  • Development and application of new and improved oil and gas stimulation technologies;
  • Development and application of new and improved technologies of water shutoff;
  • Technical-economical risk and efficiency assessment of the proposed technology;
  • Development of recommendations in relation to an optimum well production;
  • Development of recommendations in relation to the improvement of gathering facilities, processing and transportation of O&G;
  • Development and installation of innovative technologies and equipment in O&G production;
  • Development of engineering-documentation on processes and technologies.


  • Investigation of O&G transportation systems and development of recommendations in relation to their improvement;
  • Development, support and accompaniment of geology-production DB of underground gas storage;
  • Development of recommendations in relation to the exploitation improvement of underground gas storage;
  • Development and implementation of cushion gas substituting technologies.

Scientific-information services:

  • Patent-informative searches after customer’s subject, recommendations according project’s perspective;
  • Information-statistical reviews of patenting dynamics;
  • Patent investigations in obedience to SSTU(State standard of Ukraine) 3575-97;
  • Drawing up of patent cards (checking for a «patent cleanness» in obedience to SSTU 3574-97;
  • Registration of inventions, useful designs, industrial prototypes and trade marks after national and international procedures, accompaniment until receipt of official protective record (patent, evidence);
  • Preparation of contracts in relation to disposing of intellectual property rights and implementation of works on their state registration;
  • State registration of copyright objects (computer programs, DB, scientific and technical works and etc.);
  • Registration of rationalization suggestions;
  • Development of normative documents concerning intellectual property for enterprises (standards, acts, briefings, methods);
  • Methodical recommendations and consultations about intellectual property;
  • Services of the Central scientific and technical library;
  • Control, coordination and implementation of base authority functions on standardization of NJSC «Naftogaz of Ukraine»;
  • Normative documents acquisition for NJSC «Naftogaz of Ukraine» and Ministry of Energy, storage, classification, actualization, copying and distribution of normative documents to the enterprises and authorities of O&G industry.