Deputy Director of the Financial Affairs: Berezuk Lubov

Experience in the field 12 years. Has an experience in organizational work, including planning budgets, joint venture companies, fulfilling economic agreements, deals with the legal aspects of the production structures.

Deputy Director: Hunda Mykola

Experience in 24 years. Mr. Hunda is an expert in development and implementation of scientific advanced technologies and design solutions to improve the energy security of Ukraine. New methods and technical solutions, designed with his participation, were the basis of projects and technologies solving the problems of increasing oil and gas production and increasing oil-gas-condensate recovery. Authorized on quality of SE "Naukanaftogaz." Author of more than 30 scientific papers, co-author of three monographs, has five inventions on utility models, two  proposals of improvement, two copyright certificates on work. In 2007 he was elected a Corresponding Member of Ukrainian Oil and Gas Academy.

Deputy Director: Melnyk Leonid

Experience in 18 years. Mr. Melnyk’s activity is focused on increasing own resource potential of Ukraine, improvement of storage and transportation of gas; preparation of hydrocarbons. He is qualified specialist and leader with extensive theoretical and practical experience, fluent in matters of management. Repeatedly awarded for industrial achievements. Author of more than 15 scientific papers, co-author of several utility models. Corresponding member of Ukrainian Oil and Gas Academy since 2012.

Chief Accountant: Turtchaninova Iryna

Experience in the field 10 years. Candidate of Economical Sciences. Is the author of 12 publications, including 2 monographs. During her career was awarded different awards of the enterprises she successfully worked in.