Subsidiary enterprise «Scientific-research institute of oil and gas industry» of National Joint Stock Company (NJSC) «Naftogaz of Ukraine» is leading research establishment of oil and gas complex in Ukraine.

SE «Naukanaftogaz» directs scientific potential at NJSC «Naftogaz of Ukraine» to increase its work efficiency, strengthen integration constituent of its development, scientific ground of Company directions of activity and higher usage of potential of the industry science.

SE «Naukanaftogaz» carries out the scientific and project services of the basic activity directions of NJSC «Naftogaz of Ukraine», particularly, prospecting of hydrocarbon pools, exploration and development of oil and gas fields, transportation and storage of gas and oil.

Professional problems are solved by the collective of over 166 high-professional researchers, among which 1 corresponding member of NASU, 4 doctors and 18 candidates of sciences.

Production and scientific activity are carried out in all of oil-and-gas-bearing regions of Ukraine and world sites of its subsidiaries activity. In particular, Russian Federation, Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan, United Arab Emirates, Egypt, Libya.

Strategic targets for SE «Naukanaftogaz» are introduction of Company to the new standards and modern methods of work, up-to-date technologies and tools, forming of innovative investment policy in relation to renewal of resource base and opening of new sources and routes of the diversified supply of hydrocarbons to Ukraine.