Ukraine is one of the oldest oil and gas producers in Europe and in the world.

Information about oil and gas on the territory of Ukrainian Carpathians and Crimea reached us from old times as legends and introductions.

First writings about «rocky oil», which was produced in Carpathian Mountains, were mentioned in chronicles of XIII century, and the first publication is by Stephen Falimezha «About herbs and its strength» which was given out in Krakov in 1534.

The beginning of industrial production of oil in Carpathians is considered year 1771. One of the salt pits, at that time, in Sloboda-Rungurska village on Kolomiyschina, produced oil from depth of 24 metres. Later, in 1792, oil was produced from the pits around Naguevichi village of Lvov region.

The important stage of development of oil industry is a middle of XIX century, when Jan Zegom and Ignasiem Lukasiewicz in 1852 invented the method of kerosene production by distillation and chemical purification of oil.

July 31, 1853 is considered in the history as coming into being of the world oil industry. This day, Lvov hospital was lighted up with the kerosene lamps as the first difficult surgical operation was conducted.

Intensive development of oil industry begins in 1860 when hand drilling was used and bore depth reached 100 metres and even more. Oil production increased from hundreds of kilogram per days to dozens of tones.

The major objects of oil production as to the beginning of 1900th in Galichina were Sloboda-Rungurska, Borislav, Skhidnicya, Bytkiv, Pasichna, Ripne, where up to 1909 oil production was 2 million tones.

Formation of gas industry is related to the attempts of gas usage, which accompanied oil, on Skhidnicke field in 1890th. In 1909-1910 the methods of gas utilization were improved in Borislav, number of enterprises were created. The first gas pipeline 700 metres long was constructed and reached the center of Borislav. Construction of the first gasoline processing plant in 1914 and stripped gas utilization on a power-station were the important events in development of gas industry. In addition to Borislav, gasoline plant and power-station were built in Bytkiv.

Intensive boost for gas industry was 1924, when Dashavske gas field was discovered and gas pipeline Dashava-Striy was constructed.

Historical steps of oil and gas industry development in Ukraine

1771 - First oil produced from salt pit near Sloboda-Rungurska village on Kolomiyschina
1810 - First governmental document is given out about oil brine - Decree of the Court chamber to the Mining court in Drogobich
1852 - Method of kerosene production by distillation and chemical purification of oil invented, authored by J. Zegom and I. Lukasiewicz
1853 - Kerosene lamp invented by A. Bartonskyi
1859 - First oil-refining installation is built in Drogobich
1863 - Oil-refining plant, which was built in Drogobich, started the oil refining at industrial capacities
1864 - Shallow well drilling started in the Kerch peninsula
1875 - Hand drilling is used and well bore reached 75 metres in the Sloboda-Rungurska oil site
1877 - Oil congress took place in Lvov and resulted in foundation of regional oil society
1908 - 1016 metres depth «Oil city» well is drilled in Tustanovichakh in the district of Borislav, powerful fountain of oil received with the plenty of dissolved gas
1914 - First gasoline plant built in Borislav
1924 - Dashavske gas field put on - first gas field in Ukraine; the first gas pipeline Dashava-Striy-Drogobich is built
1933 - First seismic researches, with the use of Scheydar seismograph, conducted in the Pre-Carpathian region close to the Truskavec
1939 - Prospecting well #12 of Romnenska structure produced first oil in the Dnieper-Donetsk depression
1950 - Shebelinske gas-condensate field discovered, one of unique fields in the world and the biggest in Ukraine
1959 - Ukrainian scientific-research institute of natural gases is founded
1962 - First oil pipeline Dolyna-Drogobych is built
1967 - Ivano-Frankivsk institute of oil and gas is created; nowadays it is National technical university of oil and gas
1969 - Drilling of super-deep (7552 metres) well Shevchenkovo-1 in Dolynskyi oil and gas industrial district is started
1971 - Scientific-research and designing institute of automated control systems of gas transport was created (NDPIASYtransgaz)
1972 - Annual oil and condensate production in Ukraine reached its maximum with 14,5 million tons
1975 - Annual gas production in Ukraine reached its maximum with 68,7 billion cubic metres
1975 - First offshore gas-condensate field of Golicina located in the Ukrainian sector of Black sea shore is discovered
1993 - National oil and gas academy is founded
1998 - National joint stock company «Naftogaz of Ukraine» is formed
2003 - Subsidiary enterprise of NJSC «Naftogaz of Ukraine» - Scientific-research institute of oil and gas industry (SE «Naukanaftogaz») is organized
2006 - First offshore oil field of Subotina located in the Ukrainian sector of Black sea is discovered